01 About Radhe Polymers

Radhe Polymers Industries is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of green nets. Our product also covers construction shade nets, gardening shade nets, agro shade nets, nets for hotels and restaurants and shade net for nursery. To cover the upcoming days of human life with the shades of quality and security, we came in to existence.

Not only in shade nets but we are also engaged in various field of engineering and manufacturing like biomass briquetting machine, Hydraulic briquetting press, Fryums machine and power press machine. These are manufactured using quality material and with the latest machinery and technology. Additionally, our shade nets are used in numerous industries like in agriculture as well as in general application.

Our organization enables us in meeting all the majority requirements of the clients within restricted time-frame. Further, our infrastructure has been isolated into varied subunits to maintain a hassle-free and favourable work environment.

Optimal Shading
Cost Effective Outdoor Carpets
Safeguards Under Construction Buildings
SkySails for Beautiful Shading
Protection Against Birds
Protection Against Winds
02 Product Portfolio

We are one of the leading manufacturer of green nets. Our entire range includes shade nets.

Some of the key features of our products are

  • Protects agricultural crops from direct sunlight
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • General shading
  • Acts as a barrier against heavy rains, storms and other hurdles.

There are many uses of green net like green house, it prevents from soil erosion, parks shading, control water evaporation, shade for cattle, fencing for farm houses and in mandap decorations.

Now let’s take a look on product:
Green Colour Shade Net 95% 125 GSM 3 X 50
Green Colour Shade Net 90% 115 GSM 3 X 50
Green Colour Shade Net 80% 100 GSM 3 X 50
Green Colour Shade Net 70% 090 GSM 3 X 50
Green Colour Shade Net 60% 075 GSM 3 X 50
Green Colour Shade Net 50% 060 GSM 3 X 50
Green Colour Shade Net 40% 050 GSM 3 X 50
Types of Nets
03 Application of Green net

We are one of the leading names in the industry offering high quality green nets. These nets are available in various size and various colours.

  • Garden Fencing
  • Balcony and railing
  • Agricultural farm nets

Uses and Advantages of Green Net:

  • High quality knitted shade nets broadly used to protect from sun light, UV rays and insects.
  • Protects from burning sunlight, infra-red and winds.
  • Low cost, easy to fix and can be washed with water.
  • Nets are easy to carry and install
  • Ideal for gardens, nursery and home terrace gardening
Cultivation Of vegetables, crop of vegetables and plants, fruit plants and potted plants. Good Amount Of Sunlight Good Amount Of Sunlight
Cultivation Of cabbage, roses, olive roots pepper and ferns, potted plants. Need Shed And less sunlight Less Or Fair Amount Of Heat More Heat For Black
Usually Used For fruits, tea plants and some of orchid, Violets And Anthurium. Solid Shade Less Heat For Other Colours More Heat In Black Colour
Usually Used For Drying Of Fruits And tea Leaves, Shade Loving Plants High solid Shade Very Less Heat In Other Colours
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